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As the rains have moved out, sunrise has grown increasingly magnificent and we've spent time thinking about fresh air and sunshine. We have many transplants in the greenhouse! Peppers, eggplants and tomatoes await planting as we anticipate the possibility of this season’s last frosts.

Recent harvests have led to the discovery of a boron deficiency in the soils of the North Field; The coming months will be busy as we amend our soils to ensure their health and protect the vitality of our spring crops. One of the most imminent changes as the temperatures rise is the rate at which weeds grow. We have been steadily weeding to keep ahead as vicious henbit begins to swell in size. It will be critical to employ organic weed management strategies as we continue our farming endeavors.

Sitting out on the farm after hours yesterday, we had the chance to ponder our daily domain in a new light. As we hustle and bustle about each day it's all too easy to dismiss from mind the serenity one can revive while spending time amidst rows of crop and soil. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "There is not a shoot of grass that springs uninteresting to me". Technologies that have become available to farmers, such as organizational software, are incredible implements for the efficiency of the farm. The more adept we become with them, the more time we get to spend time with our hands in the soil, forging meaningful relationships with Earth's ecological cosmos and the community we sow.

We are looking forward to our next big market of the year, occurring on February 25. It will be paired with Chef Fest, so don't miss out on this great event and opportunity to indulge your taste buds. See you there!

Happy Harvesting,


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