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There are seedlings emerging in the model home boxes! Mustard, radishes and onions were planted last week by Farm Educators. Radishes will be mature as soon as 3 weeks from now, mustards in about 4 weeks and the onions in about 8 weeks.

We applied Ocean Harvest, a multipurpose organic fertilizer, to tomato seedlings in the greenhouse this week. Fertilizer plays an important role in the life of our plants. Whether it is being applied while seedlings are in trays or in the field, there is a constant upkeep required to maintain the nutrient content of our soils. There are 14 (out of 17) vital soil elements that plants must obtain from the soil. As nutrients are assimilated by plants they must be replenished in the soil for its continual health and to sustain the health of our farmland.

Awaiting the high temperatures of summer, we are excited about the progress being made with our cooler! One of the most critical aspects of a successful harvest is how vegetables are stored. The cooler will allow us just the space and environment to ensure Agmenity produce is fresh when it leaves our hands. Vegetables are typically harvested the day or morning before being donated/sold, depending on the quantity of produce needed.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone out at the farm and meeting our neighbors this Saturday, Feb. 25 at Chef Fest!

Happy Harvesting,


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