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Prancing Goats & Sweet Potato Varieties

Village Farm Team,

Though bottle feeding the goats has been a popular activity on the farm these past weeks, it’s time to start weaning these gals down to one bottle a day and include more greens and grains in their diets. They’ve been enjoying munching on some chard leaves this past week. Similar to your pets at home, the goats will soon be receiving obedience training to hinder them from nibbling and jumping up on people. Though it’s mighty cute when they’re small, having a 100+ pound goat jump on you might ruin your day. Since the goat pen is nearing completion the goats will soon be moved to their new digs to allow the chickens access to their coop.

Out on the farm, a variety of sweet potato slips are being planted throughout the week to ensure a delicious harvest in the fall months. Have you ever had a white-fleshed sweet potato? Though it lacks that gorgeous orange hue it has a higher starch content and tastes less sweet. This makes it a great option for those that find orange fleshed sweet potatoes a bit too sweet or want a local option for a russet-type potato. In addition to white and orange fleshed sweet potato varieties we will be planting purple fleshed varieties as well! They provide the highest level of antioxidants and have a unique flavor all their own. Here are the sweet potato varieties being planted on the farm this week: O-Henry, Purple Delight, Beauregard, Carolina Nugget, Georgia Jet, Hernandez, and Korean Purple.

Get your vinegar and dill ready! The first harvest of cucumbers will be taking place this week. Though they are great for pickling, cucumbers are a versatile vegetable in the kitchen that can add a deliciously cool crunch to any raw dish. Try making noodles out of them for a raw inspired pad Thai dish or combine them with chunks of fresh mango, basil, and cashews for a quick refreshing salad. Or, if you’re short on time, throw a few slices in your water for a refreshing option on the go.

Happy Harvesting!

Agmenity Farm Team

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