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Rains Falling & Plants Growing

Village Farm Team,

We received plenty of rain at the farm this week which our crops are absolutely loving! Unfortunately rain also means the weeds are growing out of control so it’s time to ramp up the weeding around the farm. Weeding after a rain is much easier because the moist ground has less of a hold on the roots. The farm is in need of mowing too but that task will have to wait until the ground isn’t holding as much moisture.

The sunn hemp that was planted as a cover crop on the North and South farms is coming along nicely after the rains. It has really started to grow making the ground appear as if it’s covered in a neon green blanket. This crop works to improve the health of the soil by fixing nitrogen from the air to the root and thereby imparting it in the soil. Once mowed down, it will also serve as healthy organic matter for the soil. Healthy soil is one of the most integral factors in farming so our sunn hemp has a pretty important job on the farm. In addition to boosting the health of the soil is also helps to deter erosion.

Our goats are healthy and swiftly growing! They absolutely love the chard grown on the farm especially when the team lingers a little longer to give them some love and attention after feeding. The downside to all of the recent rains is that the ground is staying wet and creating the perfect breeding ground for worms. Due to the increase in potential worm activity the farm team is checking the goats and their pen every day. Their eyelids are checked to make sure they look pink and healthy and the chard they are given is not placed directly on the ground. Their food baskets and pen are cleaned at least once a day if not more. We love our farm mascots and want to ensure they don’t get any parasites that will affect their health.

Wednesday of this week we hosted Chicken Mike of The Garden Hen in the farmhouse for an educational class on chickens. He answered many of your questions before prepping the coop for the future release of our chicks. To ensure the health of the chicks, we’ve been naturally de-worming them with feed that contains cayenne pepper. Not to worry though as the chicks can’t taste the heat provided by the capsaicin in their feed. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot pepper varieties, is a natural antibacterial and very effective at repelling pests of any size. With regards to our chicks, it deters parasites and improves the function of their digestive tracts. Just like our goats we want to make sure the chicks are healthy and happy.

Happy Harvesting!

The Agmenity Farm Team

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