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Rising Temperatures & New Greenhouse Irrigation

Village Farm Team,

Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t noticed, it’s getting mighty hot out there! We are starting to reach heat indexes greater than 110° consistently every day. This means that the farm team has to stay on top of making sure our animals are getting plenty of water and shade. Frozen water bottles are being placed in the pens so that the animals may lean up against them and ice is added regularly to their water to keep it cool. All of our animals have plenty of shade structures that are available to them. The shade structures are designed so that they have openings in each direction to allow for maximum airflow.

Since the temperatures are so high, there’s mostly been a lot of routine work happening on the farm like weeding mowing, and tilling. The t-posts and drip tape were removed from our tomato beds on the North Farm so that they could be tilled and re-bedded. This will allow us to make space for the Village Farm Club! The Village Farm Club will allow Harvest Green residents to rent their own growing plot. If you’re interested in learning more or want to become a part of the club, head here to find out more.

Proper hoses and irrigation were installed this week in the greenhouse to help with more efficient moisture management and watering. And, the team was able to seed several new trays to add to our growing collection of transplants. Though the farm is going through a bit of a makeover at the moment, we will soon be able to plant all of our transplants that are currently thriving in the greenhouse. That means there’s a ton of delicious veggies that will be eagerly awaiting you in the months to come.

Happy Harvesting!

The Agmenity Farm Team

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