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what is it?

The Village Farm is a 12-acre interactive agricultural amenity, nestled prominently at the entrance of Harvest Green. The farm is designed to be a “working” educational experience, in that the farm itself is actually a production farm, supporting many of its expenses by selling produce. It also serves as a venue for agriculturally-related community events.

who owns it?

Harvest Green Village Farm is owned by the Harvest Green Homeowners Association. Agmenity has been hired by Harvest Green to manage the farm and its operations. 

what happens to the produce?

• Sold through the produce trailer & Farmers’ Market
• Sold to Houston area restaurants
• Used in promotional events/dinners
• Donated to hunger/poverty non-profits

is it organic?

The Harvest Green Village Farm is a USDA Certified Organic farm and is dedicated to growing fresh, healthy and delicious food utilizing sustainable practices that creates a safe environment for people, plants, animals and the larger natural ecosystem.

About the Farm

Features Include:

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