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Chicks Settling in & a New Tractor

Village Farm Team,

Our brave and curious chicks have been in their coop for a week already! They are learning to fly and socialize with each other in the confines of their coop. They were just allowed access to the run at the end of this week so that the coop will feel like their sanctuary or safe space. The farm team will begin letting out five chicks each day from the coop to explore the run.

Our goats were de-horned at the end of last week and after a few days of recuperation off the farm, they are back in their pen and doing well. Their horns were removed as a safety precaution for themselves, the farm team, and residents. Without their horns they won’t be able to hurt each other or get their heads caught in the fences around their pen. Though they recovered quickly they have been under observation all week. Soon our four girls will have names! Want to be a part of the naming process? Head here to check out the contest and submit your votes by June 25th. The winning names will be announced on June 26th.

The farm got a new tractor this week! Nicknamed ‘Edith”, the tractor is a vintage 1963 Farmall 560 that has been completely refurbished. An iconic American heirloom, her red body can be spotted easily on the farm. Since she was built in 1963, she will require more loving care than our newer machines, but you’re sure to see her accomplishing a good deal of mowing, planting, and weed cultivation. She will help the farm save on labor expenses as well as facilitate various farm duties.

Happy Harvesting!

The Agmenity Farm Team

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