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Market Update - 01.26.19

We are back in full swing this weekend and have a packed market full of vendors. You can grab some delicious coffee from Fort Bend Coffee Roasters, local honey from Nandos, and homemade jams from Chai's Kitchen. You can also take home prepared foods from Bougie Paupers (plant based) and Biryani Hut (Indian). Support your local vendors by grabbing your essentials at our market!

Here's the awesome lineup:

Produce: Village Farm

Cheese: Red Door Creamery

Bread: Great Harvest Katy

Coffee: Fort Bend Coffee Roasters

Honey: Nando's Honey

Jam: Chai's Kitchen

Pastry: Viteri's Sweet Treats

Pastry: Princess Treats

Salsa: Pain Train Salsa

Prepared Food: Bougie Paupers

Prepared Foods: RKC Food Truck

Prepared Food: Harlem Road Texas BBQ

Prepared Food: Biryani Hut

Body: South Star Herbal Products

Body: Texas Hippie Mom

Music: Gabe Montoya

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