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Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

OCTOBER 4th, 2022

Our sweet potatoes have been giving us beautiful leafy greens all summer long but the time has come to harvest the sweet potatoes themselves! This year we grew them in one of our raised beds which made harvesting a breeze. All of the remaining leafy greens will be given to our goats and the sweet potatoes themselves will spend about a week and a half curing. The curing process helps to toughen up their skin for long term storage and kick off sugar production so they have a nice, sweet flavor! We will have them ready for you at the farm stand next weekend.

Just in case you missed the announcement, the next class in our Backyard Gardening Basics series is coming up this Saturday, October 15th at 10am. Farmer Bethany will be teaching attendees all about the square foot gardening method which is a great way to maximize the available gardening space in your backyard. She’ll also cover the seasonality of different plants (i.e. what to plant this time of year) and general plant care. The cost of this class is $10 and it is open to the public. To secure your spot, head here.

We are pleased to announce that we will be incorporating regular kids programming into our Farm Club! The first program, called Farm Club Kids, begins this Saturday at 10am. Farmer Bethany will be reading a farm-inspired story before leading everyone on a scavenger hunt to explore the farm. Farm Club is our resident-only program that provides each member with a 20' x 20' growing space at the Village Farm that includes all supplies (seeds, transplants, compost, fertilizer, tools, and more), gardening guides, and active support from the Farm Educators to help them grow an abundance of personal vegetables year-round. If you’re a Harvest Green resident and want to learn more or sign up, head here.

Currently in Season at the Farm Stand: Mustard Greens, Arugula, Radishes, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Italian and Asian Eggplants, Long Beans, Zucchini, Tromboncino Squash, Okra, Roselle Greens, Bitter Melon, and Basil.

Upcoming Events:

  • Farm Club Kids on Saturday, October 8th at 10am (for children of current Farm Club members only)

  • Growing Your Green Thumb: Backyard Gardening Basics on Saturday, October 15th at 10am (get tickets here)

  • Farm Club Pizza Night on Friday, October 21st at 6pm (for current Farm Club members only)

  • Meet the Farm Tour on Sunday, October 30th at 1:30pm (sign up here)


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