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Mowing Down Sunn Hemp & Cleaning Herb Boxes

Village Farm Team,

The remaining sunn hemp has just about reached optimal nitrogen fixation in the soil so we’re preparing to mow it down this week. Once mowed down, we’ll allow it to remain in place to act as green manure. When the sunn hemp fully dries out, we’ll be able to prep and shape beds for winter crops. We’ve been cutting and using a small portion of the sunn hemp over in the furrows of our tulsi patch where it’s been working very well as a weed suppressant.

We’ve been working on cleaning out our herb boxes this week to make way for cool season crops. Annuals like basil are being completely removed while perennials like mint are being trimmed back to encourage new growth. In order to minimize waste we’ve been giving the basil to our flock as a treat! Once we’ve removed all of the annuals we’ll be seeding tender greens like arugula and spinach in their place.

We are often asked if our goats are pregnant or overweight and the answer is no! Goats are ruminants which means they acquire nutrients from plants through a process of fermentation in a specialized stomach prior to digestion. A healthy goat with good rumen development is characterized by a wide belly from side to side. So how do we tell when a goat is actually bloated? This happens when one side appears to be wider than the other, usually the left side. Overeating can cause bloat in goats which is why if you’d like to come feed our ladies, we ask that you give us a head’s up so we can meet you at their enclosure!

Happy Harvesting, The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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