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Village Farm Team,

The turn-out at the Farmers Market on Saturday was beyond encouraging. Despite the rainy conditions, there were seven vendors and 120 neighbors from the Richmond community enjoying the morning together on the farm. We are excited to continue to watch our market grow with the support of everyone!

Our first succession of cucumbers was transplanted into beds in the south field last Wednesday. Cucumbers are a member of the Curcurbitaceae family along with melons and squash. They prefer warm/hot environments and are more humidity tolerant than other members of the family. Cukes grow best in temperatures 60-80 degrees, however their optimal sprouting temperature is closer to 95 degrees, which is partly why they grow so well when started in a greenhouse. Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and greens are the next seedlings that will be transplanted from their trays in the greenhouse to the fields. In addition, radishes, greens, and turnips will be directly seeded into the beds in the coming weeks.

As farmers, spending the amount of time outside that we do allows us an intimate relationship with our environment and the plants we tend to daily. There is always something new to address or learn and we become increasingly aware of all the means our farm uses to communicate its health and soundness. We look forward to continue growing ways we can share this understanding of the land with our community!

Happy harvesting,


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