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Installing Water Spigots & Seeding for Pollinators

Village Farm Team,

In continuing with the theme of maximizing efficiency on the farm, we installed water spigots by the goat and chicken pens last week. This allows us to save the time previously spent hauling buckets of water to the animal pens. If you want to see how we tackled this project, we saved the Instagram stories taken during the process under the highlight in our profile entitled “irrigation”. Feel free to check it out here.

Though residents helped us seed a large portion of our flat beds with wildflowers during the last Farm Fun Day, we’ve been seeding many other flower varieties in the greenhouse. Our plan is to eventually transplant these into raised beds on the North Farm in order to attract beneficial pollinators and insects. Among the varieties we have planted are calendula, nasturtium, poppy, and yarrow. Aside from being great for pollinators, nasturtium make a great ground cover and produce edible leaves and flowers! They have a spicy flavor similar to mustard greens.

We had our first Chef Fest ticket giveaway at the Farmers Market this past weekend! Two general admission tickets to Chef Fest were given away to the lucky winner of our market raffle. We plan to include a few more Chef Fest tickets in our future raffles as we inch nearer to the event. Taking place at the Village Farm on March 10th, Chef Fest is an opportunity to enjoy intentional eats from 10 local chefs. Want to learn more about the chefs and secure your tickets? Head over to the Chef Fest web site.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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