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Harvesting New Summer Crops & Preparing for our 2nd Succession of Tomatoes

Village Farm Team,

Our summer harvesting has shifted a bit as new crops make their way onto the scene. We’re just starting to come into bountiful harvests of both eggplant and okra. We have several different varieties of eggplant growing but one of the most exciting to watch has been the Fairy Tale variety. It produces small fruit on compact plants that are roughly two to four inches in size with very few seeds and no bitter taste. The skin is a beautiful variegation of purple and white. Make sure to stop by the farmers market on Saturday so you can pick some up and try them at home!

We were able to seed a few new crops this week before the rain arrived. We planted both Butternut and Spaghetti squash, the first of the winter squashes for the season. We also planted another succession of okra and Sugar Baby watermelon. Thanks to the rain we are just starting to see the first signs of germination.

Our first succession of tomatoes have given us a plentiful harvest over the past several weeks but they are heading towards the end of their life cycle. We are in the process of removing them and making way for our next round of tomatoes that have been doing swimmingly over at the greenhouse. We shaped the beds next to our existing plants and will be adding a layer of compost once the soil dries out a bit.

Did you know we have yoga on the event lawn during the farmers market every other Saturday? Gen Yoga is offering $5 community classes on alternating Saturdays during the summer months from 9-10am. The next class will take place on Saturday, July 6th. Make sure to bring your tote bag along so you can pick up your farm fresh veggies before you head to your mat!

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

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