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Harvesting Mustard Greens & Seeding up a Storm

Village Farm Team,

We harvested the first of our mustard greens this past week. Their beautiful and swift growth over the past couple of weeks is due in large part to the overall cooling trend in the temperature. We have both Red Giant and Green Wave mustard greens growing at the moment. Red Giant is a Japanese mustard that has large, purple-hued leaves with a mild mustard flavor with hints of garlic. Green Wave has light-green frilly leaves that possess a stronger and more pungent mustard flavor than Red Giant.

Remember the carrots we seeded in our boxes back in August? They’re nearly ready for harvest! The variety we have planted is called “Bolero”. It produces medium-sized roots that are orange in color with a sweet, complex flavor. This variety is known for producing vigorous green tops which you can easily spot if you walk by the boxes. Did you know you can eat carrot greens? We like making them into pesto or adding them to salads.

We’ve been seeding up a storm in the greenhouse now that it looks like temperatures are staying below 90 degrees. We’re seeding varieties we already have growing in the field so we can eventually plant a second succession. And, we’re seeding new varieties like Crispino lettuce, Flash collards, Goliath broccoli, Lacinato kale, and Farao cabbage. Now that our okra plants have been removed, we have a lot of space in which to plant this delicious lineup of veggies.

Happy Harvesting, The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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