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Tilling & Tomato Planting

Village Farm Team,

Now that we’ve moved past Chef Fest and the ground is dry enough, we are in the process of tilling on the North Farm. Tilling is an especially important process on the farm due to our clay soils. Over time, clay becomes easily compacted. By tilling the clay we are effectively loosening it up making it easier for the roots of our crops to penetrate as well as air and water. Once tilled, the team will be working on shaping rows and laying plastic mulch in preparation for our summer crops.

Speaking of summer crops, we have two whole rows of tomatoes planted where our cauliflower once was! As we harvest the last of the broccoli and our other brassicas, we’ll be adding in tomatoes there as well. We will soon be seeding cucumbers, summer squashes, peppers, and green beans to add to the mix. And, we have plans to plant sugar baby watermelons in our flat beds once they are prepared. Watermelons are an interesting crop as they require a lot of space to grow their vines. For that reason they will be placed in our flat beds and given plenty of room between each row. Watermelons love warmer temperatures so they tend to grow really well in our climate.

In addition to shaping more beds adjacent to our rows of brassicas on the North Farm, we are also working on re-shaping and adding more beds for our Farm Club plots. Once they are re-shaped we will add a layer of compost on top of the rows to help control the growth of weeds. Have you heard about our Farm Club? It allows Harvest Green residents an opportunity to grow their own food in the larger context of the Village Farm. Want to learn more? Head here for more details and consider filling out an application.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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