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A New Team Member

Village Farm Team,

We’re pleased to introduce you to Imran, our newest member of the farm team! A Houston area native, Imran initially studied history and philosophy which eventually gave rise to an interest in gardening and permaculture. After studies in permaculture, he went to work at Living Roots Farm and Sustainable Living Center in Indiana. After several months at Living Roots learning the ropes of sustainable farming, he jumped at the chance to join our farm team. Imran’s favorite crops to grow are herbs (especially mint!), kale, and chard.

We planted more successions of both summer squash and cucumbers this week to ensure a steady supply of these summer favorites over the next couple of months. One particular variety of summer squash we’re excited about is the Centercut, a long-necked tromboncino squash that originated in Italy. The Centercut squash is long and thin with a bulbous appearance on the blossom end. Since the seeds are concentrated at the base of the squash, the long neck is supposed to be denser and less watery which leads to a more complex flavor. The solid stem is meant to provide a natural resistance to squash vine borers so we’re interested to see how this variety performs in our field!

While we’re still enjoying our spring crops, our summer crops are swiftly growing thanks to the warmer weather. Our first succession of summer squashes are not only flowering, but have set fruit and will most likely give us the first small harvest next week. Our first succession of cucumbers are beginning to flower along with our green beans. As for our tomatoes? We spotted the first signs of color on our Sungold cherry tomatoes this week! Though we’re still a couple of weeks away from the first sizable harvest, tomato season is just over the horizon.

Don't forget that our veggie wagon is open every Saturday morning from 8am to noon with a selection of freshly harvested produce. Make sure to drop by and see us!

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team


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