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Bidding Farewell to our Remaining Summer Crops

November 15th, 2022

The time has come to bid farewell to our remaining summer crops. Though we haven’t had our first frost yet, these chilly evenings have greatly impacted the growth and production of our okra, eggplant, and peppers. This will be the last week we’ll be able to guarantee that you’ll be able to get any of these vegetables at the farm stand so make sure to stock up on your favorites. The plus side to this cold weather is that our fall crops are loving it! Look for broccoli (pictured above) to make its way into season in the next week or two.

We’ve had the last five rows by the animal enclosures planted with cover crops for nearly a year to improve the soil structure and health. Now it’s time to plant them! While preparing these rows, we discerned a noticeable difference in the structure of the soil which means our cover crops did their job. We planted this area with a mix of Coastal Star lettuce, Brussels sprouts, Napa cabbage, and 1015 onions. We’ll most likely keep these plants covered with netting during their first few weeks in the ground in order to deter potential pests like insects and rabbits.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the presence of our Farmers Market every Saturday! We typically have 10-12 vendors that join us each weekend with a selection of locally made or sourced goods. Some of our newest vendors include Branch Farm (free-range eggs), The Sauce Factory (BBQ sauces and dry rubs), and Uruvela’s Organic Soy Candles. We’ll have our usual market this Saturday, November 19th, from 8am-noon, but next Saturday (the 26th) the market will be canceled for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll have a special holiday farm stand next Wednesday, November 23rd from 4-6pm in lieu of the Saturday market.

Upcoming Events:

  • Bird Walk, Sunday November 20th at 9am (sign up here)

  • Meet the Farm Tour on Sunday, November 27th at 1:30pm (sign up here)

  • Goat Tales: Ruminant Biology on Saturday, December 3rd at 10am (sign up here)

Currently in Season at the Farm Stand: Cauliflower (limited), Caraflex Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Collard Greens, Komatsuna, Pak Choi, Tatsoi, Kale, Mustard Greens, Beets, Hakurei Turnips, Radishes, Roselle Hibiscus, Cilantro, and Dill.

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