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Experimenting with New Crop Varieties for Fall

Remember all of the new fall crop varieties we shared in this post? We transplanted them this weekend in our newly renovated bed system (30-inch wide beds with 18-inch wide aisles). We’re particularly excited about the Fiolaro broccoli and the Felix Chicory as the seeds for these varieties are part of the Gusto Italiano Project at Uprising Seeds. The Fiolaro broccoli in particular is part of a “biodiversity project working to preserve locally and historically significant varieties with deep roots in small northern Italian farming communities”. We can’t wait to share the first harvest with you!

The first of our fall succession of pea varieties was trellised last week and we’re already seeing them start to make the vertical climb. These are a sugar snap pea variety called “Sugar Ann”. Typically, peas are a spring crop but our climate allows us to grow and harvest them again in the fall. Though you’ll have to wait a few weeks until you can taste the first sugar snap of the season, here are some fall crops that will be making their way back onto our harvesting list over the next couple of weeks: Kale, Dragon’s Tongue beans, and Hakurei turnips.

Our next Farmers Market takes place this Saturday, October 16th from 8am to noon! We highly encourage kids and adults alike to dress up in their favorite costume. No costume? No worries! We'll have a face painter set up from 10am-noon (free of charge) in case that's more your speed. We're pleased to announce that you won’t have to wait a month for our next market. Starting in November, we'll be transitioning to a twice-monthly market schedule. The Farmers Market will now take place on both the first and third Saturdays of the month from 8am-noon. That means in November, we'll have a market on Saturday the 6th and Saturday the 20th. For more market and farm updates, make sure to follow us on Instagram!


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