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Snap Peas Blooming & Harvesting Bok Choy

Village Farm Team,

Continuing the conversation of sustainability this week, we’re modifying our bed prep method thanks to a new implement for our BCS tractor. We’ve started using a power harrow implement which allows us to stir the soil rather than flipping it. This method creates less soil disturbance thus allowing us to preserve the presence of beneficial soil microbes. And, it should help us maintain better soil texture. We’ve been using this new implement a lot over the past couple of weeks as we push to get the last successions of broccoli and cabbage in the ground.

We direct-seeded our snap peas back in October and although they had a slow start due to early season freezes, they’re doing really well! They’re steadily climbing up the trellis system and are covered in blooms. Just this week we started seeing the very first snap peas which is a sign that spring will be here before we know it. Once we are able to make a sizable harvest we’ll have them available for you at the veggie wagon.

While our first succession of bok choy has begun to flower and provide some winter food for pollinators, our second succession in our boxes has just reached harvesting maturity. Bok choy will make its way back onto the harvesting lineup this week providing another delicious leafy green option. When it comes to bok choy, both the green leaves and white stalk are edible. Farm Educator Bonnie likes to mix the sautéed stalks in with mashed potatoes as a nod to the Irish dish Colcannon. As for Farm Educator Nick, he likes to sautée the leaves and stems of bok choy with a ginger miso honey glaze or keep it simple with soy sauce. Make sure to pick up some beautiful bok choy this Saturday at the veggie wagon between 8am and noon.

Reminder: On Sunday the 21st, Farm Educator Nathan will be leading his monthly bird walk on the farm beginning at 8am. Make sure to mark it on your calendar!

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team


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