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Fresh Hay & Farm Club Re-launch

Village Farm Team,

The goat pen got a fresh, new layer of hay this past week. The ladies have already been spotted getting cozy and sunbathing in it! The hay is a part of the deep litter method we employ in the animal pens. It helps to cut down on harmful bacteria, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, and provides a drier surface for our animals despite the rainfall we’ve been receiving.

Though we were able to address the insect damage we were seeing on our greens with Bt, we recently observed wild animal damage. It appears that a mammalian species has been munching on a few of our crops over the past week. We’ll be placing game cameras in the area so we can identify the culprit and determine the best course of action.

We recently re-launched our Farm Club program and have been excited to welcome some new members! All of our members have been hard at work mulching their rows and planting all manner of cool season crops like leeks, kale, and broccoli. We’ll soon be releasing our 2019 Farm Club Member Calendar packed with lots of supplemental programming so current members keep an eye out. If you’re a resident of Harvest Green and have been thinking about joining Farm Club, you’re always welcome (and encouraged!) to fill out an application here.

The turnout for our first Farmers Market was incredible! We loved being able to see so many people braving the less-than-perfect weather to support local agriculture and vendors. It has us really pumped for all of our future markets. In addition to our returning vendors we have a couple of new ones lined up. Head here for a detailed list of our vendors.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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