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Harvesting Butternuts and Baby Mustard Mix

Remember the butternut crop we had growing over in the silo field? They matured ahead of schedule and yielded a whopping 500 pounds of butternut squashes! These butternuts are small to medium in size with a sweet flavor and orange flesh. Since butternuts are a type of winter squash, they’re meant for longer term storage than our summer squashes. If you don’t want to eat your butternuts right away, you can store them in a cool, dark place (like your pantry) for up to 2-3 months. We’ll have butternut squash at the veggie wagon for the next several weeks until we sell out so make sure to stock up!

We’ve got an early taste of fall and winter greens for you in our spicy baby mustard mix! We planted one of our vacant raised beds with a mustard green mix a few weeks back to see how they would perform during the summer. We’re pleased to say they have done well and we were able to make the first harvest last week. We’ll have bags of this leafy green mix available at the veggie wagon.

There are a few crops on the harvesting horizon that will add some delicious diversity to our late summer lineup: peppers, bitter melon, and Korean melon. Our shishito, Jimmy Nardello, jalapeno, and Bangles peppers are all fruiting and will be ready for the first harvest soon. The Korean melons are covered in fruit and will be maturing over the next couple of weeks. We’ve been able to harvest and taste one so far and it was pretty delicious! The bitter melons (pictured below) have been a really fascinating crop to watch grow. We’re eager to make the first harvest of this crop soon.


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