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Harvesting the First Kale of the Season

OCTOBER 11th, 2022

The next round of fall planting commenced this week with chicory, parsley, Fiolaro broccoli, and cauliflower going in the ground. This is the prime window for fall planting in order to get maximum growth before the days grow shorter and cooler. Now that some of our cowpea cover crop has been mowed down, we’ll be able to plant even more fall crops for you! We’re curious, which fall crops do you look forward to most after a long summer? If you’re all about the leafy greens, we have a special treat for you below.

We’re excited to share that we are harvesting the very first kale of the season for you this week! In addition to our kale, we’ll also be harvesting mustard greens like the beautiful Red Giant variety you see below. Both kale and mustard greens are incredibly versatile and can be added to many of your favorite fall dishes from soups to lasagnas and everything in between. Farmer Nathan recently enjoyed some mustard greens in a batch of saag paneer. He also likes to toss some fresh leaves into a batch of mac and cheese for a little zing. You can get both mustard greens and kale at the farm stand this weekend or add them to your Vegetable Share!

Though the summer season can sometimes feel extra long, the great thing about our climate is that we can plant both spring and fall successions of certain crops. One such crop is peas! We have both sugar snap and snow peas planted for a fall harvest. As you can see in the photo below, they’re swiftly growing and starting to produce the first tendrils! We’ll be trellising them shortly and before you know it, we’ll be harvesting some delicious peas for you. Aside from sugar snap and snow peas, here are some other crops coming up on the horizon: baby bok choy, watermelon radishes, beets, Swiss chard, and Hakurei turnips.

Currently in Season at the Farm Stand: Kale, Mustard Greens, Arugula, Radishes, Zucchini, Tromboncino, Peppers, Eggplant, Okra, Malabar Spinach, and Assorted Herbs

Upcoming Events:

  • Growing Your Green Thumb: Backyard Gardening Basics on Saturday, October 15th at 10am (get tickets here)

  • Farm Club Pizza Night on Friday, October 21st at 6pm (for current Farm Club members only)

  • Meet the Farm Tour on Sunday, October 30th at 1:30pm (sign up here)


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