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Radish Top Pesto

This mild alternative to basil or carrot top pesto was provided by Chef Adam Garcia. It provides the perfect balance of ingredients to make smooth sauce that is great with a raw vegetable plate, on meats or fish, or tossed with your favorite pasta shape.

Makes 4 cups

¼ cup pine nuts (toasted)

2 cloves peeled garlic

5 cups blanched radish tops

1 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp fresh ground black pepper

1 ½ cups good olive oil

1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 tsp Red chili flakes

Blanch the radish tops in salted boiling water for 30 seconds and place in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. Drain the water from the radish tops.

In a food processor, place the radish tops, pine nuts garlic cloves, salt, pepper, chili flake and Parmesan cheese. Pulse ingredients until mixed, about 1 minute. Add oil and pulse for another 2 minutes. Adjust seasoning and serve room temp or cover with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.

For additional flavors, you can substitute a cup of basil instead of a cup of radish tops.

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