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Harvesting Roselle Greens

AUGUST 2nd, 2022

We’re harvesting a new leafy summer green for you this week: Roselle! Though our roselle will eventually yield its ruby red calyces in the fall (you can read about that here!), for now we can harvest and enjoy its leaves. Roselle leaves (pictured below) have a tart, lemony flavor that is similar to sorrel. You can enjoy roselle leaves both raw and cooked. Last week Farmer Nathan sauteed some roselle leaves with sweet potato greens, garlic, and balsamic vinegar and served it over a bed of rice with some fish and a squeeze of lemon. He said it was incredibly delicious and highly recommends trying it! You can pick up a bunch at the farm stand on Saturday or add it to your Vegetable Share this week.

Speaking of summer greens, we just planted the very last round of them! We planted both red amaranth (pictured below) and Malabar spinach to get us through the rest of summer until it cools down enough in the fall to bring back favorites like kale and arugula. We’re so happy that you have been enjoying our summer greens throughout the season. The amaranth has been particularly popular at the farm stand so we highly recommend trying some if you haven’t already!

Did you know that you can enjoy our beautiful organic produce on the menus of several Houston restaurants?! Each week we harvest and deliver vegetables like long beans, okra, and peppers into the capable hands of local chefs. The next time you’re out, consider going to the following spots for a meal: Café Louie, Nancy’s Hustle, Ostia, Elliot’s Table, Nobie’s, and Theodore Rex.

Currently in Season at the Farm Stand: Sweet and Hot Peppers, Armenian and Suyo Long Cucumbers, Italian and Asian Eggplants, Long Beans, Scallions, Zucchini, Tromboncino, Okra, Amaranth Greens, Roselle Greens, Malabar Spinach, Sweet Potato Greens, Bitter Melon, Korean Melon, Cantaloupe, and Basil.


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