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Welcoming a New Month and the Transition to Summer Crops

Village Farm Team,

May was an incredibly productive month as we were able to harvest approximately 3,500 pounds of vegetables! The month of June brings a major transition as we phase out all of our remaining cool season crops like beets, carrots, collards, and chard. Once these veggies have been removed and the beds have been renovated there will be more space for heat-loving crops. Here’s what you can expect to see as the weather heats up: okra, eggplant, melons, amaranth, malabar spinach, and sweet potatoes.

Have you had a chance to pick up any of our tomatoes from the veggie wagon over the past few weeks? We’re currently harvesting quite the abundance so now is the perfect time to take advantage before they make their way out of season! One of our favorite multipurpose tomatoes this season has been the Verona variety. Verona is similar to the Juliets we grew last year but it is slightly larger and has an improved flavor. Try Verona sliced up in salads, roasted and tossed with pasta, or in a batch of your favorite tomato sauce. You can also oven-dry these tomatoes for more of a sundried tomato vibe.

Okra will be making its way back into season soon! We’re currently harvesting a very small amount of pods every week in order to keep our plants healthy and producing. We expect to make the first sizable harvest in the next week or two for the veggie wagon. There are both burgundy and green varieties growing that will yield a lovely mix of okra pods. Have a look at each in the photos below.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team


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