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This week, we have been gearing up for the new year. Kelly and I have submitted some pretty awesome plans to generate measurements from the farm which will provide fun and insightful data. In addition to providing fun facts about the farm’s environmental and economic impacts, this data will act as a resource from which we can assess progress and continue to improve.

We are one step closer to seeding spring trays with the completion of the greenhouse tables. We have also removed tomato trellising in preparation for new crops.

The never-ending battle with weeds continues as we finish weeding the cilantro, parsley, and Brassica beds (which make up almost half of the north farm), and thinning lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and dill.

We also wanted to share some cooking we’ve done with farm produce. The sweet potato varieties we sold last week, and will be selling in this upcoming week, are pictured below. I attempted to create an appealing, naturally colored purple cake out of our Purple Delight variety. The sweet potato cake was incredible and reminiscent of carrot cake. Although it lacked the vibrant color I was looking for due to the reaction with other ingredients, I still managed to create a naturally colored forest green cake! We have also attempted to create a marmalade from some of the mandarins and satsumas. Our first attempt ended in a syrup, rather than a jam, which has proved to be even more delicious than ever expected when spread on waffles and topped with whipped cream or used in a glaze for homemade doughnuts! A heap of wholesome ingredients, a pinch of patience, a dash of laughter (and a spoonful of sugar!) always result in memorable evenings when shared with good company!

We encourage you to come out and harvest your own farm fresh produce on Thursday, December 23, from 12 to 2 pm, or purchase some at our produce stand from 3 to 5 pm.

If you make your own memorable evenings with farm produce, we would love to share them! Send any pictures, stories, recipes, or comments to

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