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This week we powered through some serious weeding! We also thinned all of our new sprouts to ensure they have enough room to grow. Even the plants that you want to grow can be weeds that stunt growth if planted too close together. Plants that have passed their prime were removed or tilled. The rows that are newly available will serve as a future succession of winter crops. We also inventoried our fall seeds and planned the remaining planting successions of winter crops. The Village Farm South was cleaned in preparation for the events this Friday. Trash was removed, the vineyard was weeded and mowed, beds were weeded, and tools were cleaned. The Village Farm North underwent some beautification as well including sweeping the bridge, cleaning the container, and mowing and weeding the orchard.

Kelly had the opportunity to hop on the tractor and train. The first part of the training included familiarizing herself with the tractor and implements. A quick learner, Kelly completed all of the needed tiling on the North and South Farms. Tilling macerates and incorporates organic matter for improved soil health.

The rain held out Friday for the first U-Pick Market which was a fantastic success. Families and relatives came to see the farm, be a part of the process from farm to table, and get the full Harvest Green experience. If you have encountered some spectacular food this season, Let us know, Let us know, Let us know! Send pictures and/or recipes to:

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season from the Harvest Green Village Farm!


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