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This week the tractor training continued with the compost spreader. Kelly and I both hopped on the tractor and practiced with the front loader and spreader implement. We also got some quality training in backing up with a trailer. By the end of the day we were proficient with backing up and hooking up the trailer as it must be unhooked and reattached for each trip.

We have spent some time this week creating a plan to jump into spring full force. New documents will help organize our planting schedule as well as visualizing the rotation of crops throughout the year. Farming to sell produce year round is a difficult task. You must balance and choreograph each bed months in advance to have a wide and varied harvest.

As usual, much of farming is taken up by thinning and weeding (picture below). Hours of labor have been invested in weeding this week and as a result, the farms are looking stupendous!

Come purchase produce at our pop-up market Wednesday, January 4, 3-5pm!

Available Produce:

Cilantro Rosemary Oregano Lemongrass Sage Mustard Greens Kale Broccoli Raab Greens Arugula Turnips Beets Sweet Potatoes Daikon Radish

We had a lovely time visiting family and friends over the weekend where we were able to rave about the farm and how beautiful it looks! Our family was able to taste some of the splendors from the farm as well. Send us your farmtastic recipes at

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