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Our Newest Farm Addition: Chicks!

If you were able to get a chance to stop by and see our incubating eggs in the farmhouse the last couple of weeks, they have now hatched! They began hatching last Wednesday and finished by last weekend giving us over 30 new chicks.

Now that they have hatched, the chicks will need plenty of time to rest and dry off in the brooder which is the black plastic tub sitting next to the incubators. There will be heat lamps on the chicks as they cannot yet control their body temperatures. Resting in the brooder for the next couple of weeks will allow the chicks the proper environment to grow and fill out.

Once the chicks become "teenagers" at about 3 weeks of age, we will be able to identify gender and start separating the males from the females. The females will stay on the farm and the males will be taken back by Chicken Mike. Depending on how many females we have left after gender separation, we may do another round of hatching. Once the chicks are around a month old and have become fully feathered we will be able to move them to their new coop!

Among the breeds we have are Barred Rock, Ameraucana, and White Leghorn. There will be a class taking place May 31st in the farmhouse with Chicken Mike of the Garden Hen to provide plenty of firsthand knowledge and answer any questions residents may have. In the meantime, feel free to stop by the farmhouse and say hello to our chicks!

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