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Chicks Released & Greenhouse Prepped

Village Farm Team,

Our swiftly growing chicks were released into their coop on Wednesday! With the help of many of the community members, we were able to spread mulch in the run of the coop and set out their food and water. The kids had a blast releasing the chicks one by one and were eagerly lining up turn after turn. Community members also helped to spread mulch in the nearby goat pen. The release of the chicks would not have gone as smoothly without the help of the community so a big thank you goes out to those that were able to donate their time!

The team has been hard at work prepping the greenhouse these last couple of weeks. The ground was leveled to encourage proper drainage and a weed barrier was installed before getting a new layer of gravel. A shade cloth is also being fitted over the top of the roof. The shade cloth will allow us to keep the greenhouse at a cooler temperature so we can start planting seeds for fall. Fall crops prefer cooler temperatures than our Texas summers provide so the shade cloth will be a huge help.

The shipping containers on the North Farm were painted brown this past week. It will help them blend into the farm atmosphere a bit more without looking quite as industrial. The shipping containers house the tools used on the farm in addition to the materials for the Village Farm Club. The Farm Club allows Harvest Green residents to rent their own growing plot. If you’re interested in learning more or want to become a part of the club, head here to find out more.

Happy Harvesting!

The Agmenity Farm Team

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