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The Arrival of Fall & Village Farm Club

Village Farm Team,

Though the temperatures outside may not seem cool and brisk yet, we’ve officially made it to fall! The farm team has been preparing for the season by organizing, cleaning, planning out our beds, and ordering seeds. In order to give residents an opportunity to help out on the farm and get more involved, Farm Fun Days will resume in October. In the past these days have included helping the team seed our transplant trays, releasing our chickens into their coop, and weeding the vineyard. Check out the events calendar in the coming weeks for more information.

If you’ve been curious about joining our Village Farm Club, there’s an information session this coming Saturday (September 30th) at 11am in the Farmhouse Community Room. The Farm Club allows Harvest Green residents to rent their own growing plot on our North Farm. The Club is designed for gardeners with all levels of experience from beginner to master and is a great opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture. If you are not able to attend the session on Saturday, there will be another opportunity on October 5th at 6pm.

One of our main projects the past few weeks has been depleting the weed seed bank with a particular focus on the Johnson grass growing in the vineyard. Johnson grass takes much longer to eradicate than other weeds because the rhizomes (roots) must be completely dug out. Though this method takes longer, it provides a better solution long term. This past week our hard-working farm team was able to finally conquer the Johnson grass! Now the focus will shift towards tilling and seeding the South Farm.

Last but not least, our blog is in the process of receiving some TLC and a much-needed update. In addition to a sleek new design, we will be sending out a weekly newsletter with updates on the farm. You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the link in the top right corner.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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