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Harvesting Peppers & Cucumbers Swiftly Growing

Village Farm Team,

We’ll be harvesting the first of our peppers this week! Our Jalafuegos are coming in hot (pun intended) just in time to pair with our tomatoes for a delicious batch of homemade salsa. The Jalafuego is a Jalapeño variety that produces dark green peppers that are about 3 ½ to 4 inches in length. The heat level is similar to a Jalapeño and is milder when picked green than when picked red. This pepper is known for producing a high yield so we aren’t surprised to see most of the plants covered in fruit. Look for these peppers at the veggie wagon on Saturday!

Now that we’ve had consistently warmer weather over the past week, we’re seeing much more growth among our melons and cucumbers. Our cucumbers are finally beginning to grow tall enough for their tendrils to reach and attach to the bottom of our trellis. It won’t be long before we start seeing blooms and eventually cucumbers! As for our melons, most of the plants are sporting at least one flower. Just like our squashes, these first flowers to open are male in order to attract pollinators. They will be followed shortly by female flowers which will produce melons once pollinated.

We installed a new watering system for our chickens just in time for summer weather. We set up a simple system with a large PVC pipe and outfitted it with several nipple attachments that our hens can drink from. This eliminates the task of having to constantly clean out their watering containers, providing a more efficient system both for us and our hens. As you can see, they already love using this new system!

Please note the veggie wagon is still open on Saturdays from 8-12 but with more stringent sanitary protocols in place!

Happy Harvesting, The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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