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Harvesting Burr Gherkins and Scallions

JULY 13TH, 2022

We’ve got a little something new for you to try: Burr Gherkins! These interesting little fruits are in the same genus as cucumbers but are a different species. As you can see, they’re small with dull burrs/spikes on the outside, hence the name! This variety has done incredibly well during these hot and humid summer days. Farmer Nathan recommends using our Burr Gherkins in a batch of quick pickles. You can also cook and use these as you would zucchini! Here’s a recipe in which they’re stewed with pork, peppers, and spices. If you’d like to try some, make sure to stop by the farm stand this weekend.

We’ve sold almost all of our bulb onions but don’t worry because we’re just starting to harvest scallions! Aren’t they lovely?! Scallions are a great option for adding a mellow onion flavor to your favorite summer dishes. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked depending on your preference. We love adding them to omelets or frittatas. They’re also great sprinkled over some miso-roasted eggplant or stir-fried long beans. Make sure to stock up at the farm stand or add them to your vegetable share this week!

Over the past couple of weeks we planted more rounds of zucchini, long beans, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and tomatillos. Staggering multiple plantings of the same crop throughout the season is called “succession planting”. This allows us to lengthen our harvest window while maintaining a steadier supply of produce for you throughout the season. It also helps in the event of unexpected pest issues (like we’ve seen with our first round of tomatillos) and stress from extreme weather patterns. Here’s to a delicious and abundant summer season!

Currently in Season at the Farm Stand: Scallions, Long Beans, Sweet Potato Greens, Amaranth Greens, Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers, Asian Eggplant, Italian Eggplant, Cucumbers, Burr Gherkins, Zucchini, Okra, Bitter Melon, Korean Melons, Sugar Cube Melons, Basil, and Lemongrass


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