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Re-homing our Roosters & Animal Enrichment

Village Farm Team,

This has certainly been a rainy fall so far! Because of the excess moisture our fields haven’t had a chance to dry out enough for us to work them. Even tasks like mowing are proving to be difficult. In order to keep up productivity we’ve been taking on organization tasks and making sure to clean and maintain all of our equipment.

Of our chicks that hatched back in the summer, we ended up with five females and seven males. This week we started the process of re-homing our roosters (males) as they will only grow increasingly aggressive if kept together. The roosters were each sent to a new roost which is rare in the poultry industry as males are generally seen as a waste product and eliminated as soon as they are sexed. We’ve loved seeing them grow and express their individual personalities and are even happier to see them settle into their new homes.

Every morning the goats and chickens have been getting an opportunity for foraging enrichment with Farm Educator Bonnie. They love having the opportunity to explore outside their runs and forage for weeds and insects to enrich their diets. They tend to stay relatively close to their runs as they instinctively know not to roam too far from their primary food source.

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to yet another member of our team, Farm Educator Ryan. Ryan will be staying in the area but moving on to a landscape management position. Ryan’s love for gardening runs deep so he’ll be carrying on that tradition at home with his family. We’re going to miss his quick wit and pun-y sense of humor. Ryan will be around this weekend so feel free to stop by and wish him luck. Though we’re sad to see Ryan and Adam move on these past few weeks, we’re excited to welcome some new members to our Farm Educator family. Keep your eye out for some exciting updates this month!

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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