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12.15 Market Update

Thanks to those of you who braved the "interesting" weather last weekend. We're excited to build a market that provides for many of your agriculturally based product needs and our first week was a great start! We had over 300 out to the market (the majority of which were residents) and many of our vendors sold out or nearly did. We've prepared our returning vendors to bring more product and are excited to add a new crop of artisans to this week's market.

Produce: Village Farm

Prepared Food: RKC Food Truck

Prepared Food: Bougie Paupers

Prepared Food: Harlem Road Texas BBQ

Prepared Food: Nisha's Quick N Ezee

We're still working on egg and meat vendors, we should be able to locate some in the coming months, but we have many other exciting vendors (coffee and bread) joining us in the coming weeks as well.

Thanks again for committing to support local agriculture and entrepreneurs by visiting the market often and purchasing a significant portion of your weekly needs!

The Agmenity Team

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