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Restarting our Compost System & Transplanting Kale

Village Farm Team,

We cleaned out and reorganized our compost area this past week. All of the brush, tree clippings, and grapevines we’ve been clearing were shredded and chipped so that we can begin adding them to our compost along with other green and brown matter. Our hope is to begin making usable compost for the farm!

It was a transplanting party on the farm at the end of the week as we pushed to fill the remaining space on our black plastic rows with kale and collards. We planted Lacinato kale, Red Russian kale, Red Ursa kale, and Champion collard greens. While transplanting we make sure to set aside any smaller plants that don’t look as if they have established a proper root system. In an effort to reduce waste, our hens and goats get to munch on these tender greens as a snack.

Remember the game camera we set up to catch the animal culprit munching on our greens? After watching the footage we identified it as a lone coyote. Though our green-loving visitor hasn’t returned in several days, we’re confident that we’ve planted sufficient crops in case he or she does. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and take a different course of action if needed.

Farm Note: Due to the Christmas holiday, the farm will be closed Monday, December 24th through Wednesday, December 26th. We will resume regular hours on Thursday, December 27th.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

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