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Adding More Beds & Enrichment for Goats

Village Farm Team,

Over the course of the past week we were able to shape beds in the remaining space next to the black plastic beds. Not only were we able to shape the beds but we spread and mixed in a whopping 36 yards of compost. The first rows of our newly shaped beds were planted with Provider and Dragon’s Tongue beans as well as Sugar Snap and Oregon Giant peas. These cultivars are all bush varieties which means they will grow lower to the ground without needing trellis support for vines.

Our goats got a couple of new toys in their pen last week in the form of two large concrete cylinders! These new additions will provide an enrichment opportunity as it gives our ladies something to jump and play on. And, since they are made from concrete, the material will work to wear down excess hoof growth and lead to overall healthy hooves. Another way our goats have been getting in some enrichment is through our volunteers that have been taking them on “walks”. Since they are herd animals, they can be walked without the need for leashes.

Our Farm Club is swiftly growing! We’ve been regularly adding plots for new members over the past couple of months. It’s been amazing to see members get involved both in their own plots and the farm as a whole. This past weekend members were able to attend a talk about beneficial insects and how they play a role in farming. If you are a Harvest Green resident and have been contemplating joining Farm Club, there will be a potluck this Saturday from 1-3pm out on the farm. Current Farm Club members will be in attendance and will happily answer questions and share their experiences.

We’re just 4 weeks away from Chef Fest! Have you secured your ticket yet? As a sustainable farm earning its organic certification, we’re passionate about extending those considerations into this event. For instance, the majority of produce our 10 chefs will be using for their dishes will come from us, our sustainable sister farm Loam Agronomics, or other local sources. Local produce and goods means less travel which results in less CO2 emissions. Head here to read more about the event and secure your tickets.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team

Words & Photos by Courtney West

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