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Now Offering Pastured Poultry Pre-Orders

We're excited to announce our partnership with Wheeler Family Farms which provides access to pastured poultry and eggs (among other products) to patrons of the Harvest Green Farmers Market!

We know many of you may be cooking at home more during the pandemic and are exploring ways to partake in more thoughtful eating. Wheeler Family Farms raises poultry on pasture (moved to fresh grass daily!) with a supplementary ration of high quality certified organic, non-GMO feed.

While we have placed the full market on hold due to the current conditions related to the pandemic, we are excited to offer this pre-order solution for pastured poultry and other products.

Orders must be placed on the Wheeler Family Farms online shop by Fridays at 5pm for pickup on Saturday morning from 8am-12pm at the veggie wagon located at 8939 Harlem Rd.

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