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Planting Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Squashes

Village Farm Team,

The first tomatoes are officially in the ground. We were able to plant seven rows last week with more to come this week. In order to encourage upright growth and proper air flow, we incorporated a trellis system for our tomatoes. Unlike the netting that we use as a trellis for our crops that climb and produce tendrils, we use a string trellis for our tomatoes. This method involves weatherproof twine and regularly spaced posts. As the tomatoes grow, we’ll be able to add more rows of twine as support. Our tomatoes are already beginning to set blooms so we are well on our way towards the first tomato harvest!

In addition to tomatoes, we’re working on getting the first succession of cucumbers and summer squashes in the ground. We used the stale seedbed method of weed control before planting these crops. This involves preparing our beds well in advance of planting which allows time for weeds to begin to germinate. Once they germinate and begin to grow, we use our flame weeder to expose them to high heat which dehydrates and eventually kills them. Then, we’re ready for planting! We’ll be growing a couple of new cucumber varieties this year like Lemon and Ashley. As for summer squashes, we’ll be growing Dunja and Tigress zucchini along with Gold Star yellow crookneck squash.

Have you had a chance to try any of our lettuces from the veggie wagon yet? One of our favorites has been the vibrantly colored Red Saladbowl lettuce. This variety produces burgundy colored leaves that are crisp and delicious. Try tossing it with fresh herbs like cilantro, dill, mint, and parsley before dressing it with a simple vinaigrette. Since lettuce has a high water content, it is a great option for juicing or adding to smoothies.

The veggie wagon is open every Saturday morning with limited quantities of farm fresh veggies until we’re able to catch up with production!

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team


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