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Preparing for Pepper Planting and the Arrival of Spring

Now that our tomatoes have been transplanted and trellised, we can focus on another member of the nightshade family: peppers! We’re implementing the rotary plow on our BCS tractor in order to help prepare the beds for all of our pepper transplants. This implement will enable us to re-shape the beds that have grown a bit flat over time. And, it will help with drainage issues by bringing down the furrows and keeping our crops from sitting in water after a heavy rain. Weather permitting, we should be able to start planting peppers this week.

Even though the first official day of spring arrives this Saturday with the Vernal Equinox, we think it’s safe to say spring has definitely sprung on the farm. The warmer temperatures have encouraged plenty of lush growth among our crops. Our chard has recovered beautifully from the freeze damage and will yield their first harvest this week. Remember the beans we planted a couple of weeks ago? They are swiftly growing and have produced their first set of true leaves. We’re also starting to see the gradual return of wildflowers and our clover is blooming which should begin to draw plenty of pollinators to the farm.

Have you had a chance to eat at the Messina Hof Harvest Green Winery and Kitchen yet? We’ve been regularly supplying them with a few different vegetables from the farm, namely kale, scallions, spinach, and lettuce. The Farm House Salad, available on both the lunch and dinner menus, includes vegetables grown on the Village Farm and is served with a garlic merlot dressing. If you drop in for a meal, make sure to ask which other dishes include our beautiful produce!

The veggie wagon is open every Saturday morning with limited quantities of farm fresh veggies until we’re able to catch up with production.

Happy Harvesting,

The Agmenity Farm Team


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